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What is SMEgo?

SMEgo is a digital platform that connects businesses to funding opportunities, business enablement tools and market access. Old Mutual has partnered with various lenders to reduce the amount of time it takes for business owners to apply for and receive feedback for funding. Business owners often spend a lot of time on administrative tasks such as invoicing customers, the business enablement tools allows businesses to create, track and get paid early for invoices. The platform connects businesses to each other to drive business value and growth.
What's in it for funders?

As a funder you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Save time with no incomplete applications
  • Early identification of high potential leads
  • Easy to sort and manage applications

The goal of this platform is to improve the quality of applications and reduce wasted administrative time and costs on incomplete submissions. Funders will have a dynamic dashboard in which they can select all the relevant information and documentation required for an application and view businesses that meet their requirements. 

A young entrepreneur speaks to a potential funder on her cellphone at her office.
What's in it for SME's?

As a business, you can enjoy the following benefits:

    • Save time with our once-off application for multiple funds
    • Receive feedback on applications timeously
    • Get storage of business information for future funding rounds

SMEgo brings funding opportunities to the SMEs. Our platform sources all opportunities relevant to an SME’s business profile and provides them with the greatest chance of application success.

A female business owner works to sew a product at her small business.
How does it work?

The SMEgo platform works by filtering applicants according to fund requirements and matching them with applicable funds. The platform then outlines all the required application documentation that SMEs need to submit for all the funds they have selected. SMEs can then upload and store their documents on the platform and use these to apply to multiple funds at once. SMEgo allows funders to sort through applications and update their application status, allowing SMEs to be able to monitor their applications and receive feedback. Funders will only receive completed applications, reducing the administrative burden from a funders side.

A female entrepreneur meets with two young colleagues at their business premises.
Why partner with us?Here's why you should choose us to help you: