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Old Mutual Supply Chain Finance.

What is Old Mutual Supply Chain Finance?

We recognize the need for businesses to focus their time on growth activities. Managing debtors and other operating activities, take time away from business development. These cost a business two important resources – time and money. Old Mutual has partnered with Bizcash to provide an online supply chain solution. Supply chain finance allows businesses like yours get paid for invoices on delivery – leading to an improved cash flow cycle. Simultaneously buyers are able to provide extended terms and flexible repayment amounts.
What are the benefits for buyers?
  • Optimize and standardize your supplier repayment terms to free up cash flow in a very cost-effective manner
  • Improve your working capital without accruing new debt
  • Invest in your supplier relationships and forge stronger supply chains off the back of a great support structure
  • Increase adoption by enrolling suppliers quickly and easily while allowing access to all
  • Facilitate settlement discounts at improved margins without using your own cash flow
  • Training and support from a dedicated team
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What are the benefits for suppliers?
  • Improve liquidity with an effective means for you to receive early payment on your invoices
  • You have the choice of which invoices you would like settled early
  • Improve your working capital without accruing new debt
  • Real-time, online access to your client's funding lines together with great reporting ensures you are always in control
  • Suppliers making use of the platform do not fill up their own credit lines
  • Decreased credit and collection risk
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