Discovered something that could
be fraudulent? Report it.

Fraud alert - what you need to know

In this digital day and age we need to be super vigilant when it comes to potential fraud scams. These usually take the form of emails which look convincingly like the real deal or callers posing as agents from reputable companies such as your bank, Old Mutual and even SARS.
What to do when targeted

Ignore all unsolicited emails and letters. Should you receive a phone call of this nature, tell the caller that you're not interested and don't divulge any personal details.

If the email or letter is on an Old Mutual letterhead or mentions Old Mutual, call Tip-offs Anonymous 0800 222 117.

Fraud Alert
Keep your eyes peeled for these scamsTake a look at some of the scam examples below and never divulge your personal details without first contacting the company directly (don't use the numbers provided in the "scam" email).

    You receive an unsolicited email from a criminal syndicate posing as senior government or company officials. In most cases, a lucrative investment opportunity is presented.

    The fraudsters typically ask your assistance with an investment or the transfer of funds across countries. In return you are promised a sizable commission for your effort. The scam is usually initiated by them asking you for some personal information and an instruction to deposit money into a bank account.

    There is of course no real investment opportunity and your money never goes towards paying for services or fees.

    Here are some of the common types of scams

    • Transfer of surplus funds from over invoiced contracts
    • Transfer of funds from a benefactor of a will
    • Transfer of lottery wins
    • Currency conversion deals
    • Lucrative purchases of land or property
    • Below market-price sales of commodities like crude oil or gold

    Don't fall for it! These syndicates use fraudulent means (such as fake letterheads or the spoofing of official websites) to convince you that the offer is genuine and that it is worth making payments upfront.

    In this day and age it's imperative that we report anything that looks or sounds suspicious. We understand that in doing so, you may feel you're putting yourself at risk which is why Tip-Offs Anonymous is the ideal place to make your (invisible) voice heard. But exactly how anonymous is it?

    The Anonymous Reports website is a web-based system run on independent and secure servers to ensure that information about the reporter (that would be you) and Old Mutual are protected.

    Log your concern on the Tip-Offs Anonymous website or call them on 0800 222 117.